Sparrow RED DAC from



Sparrow Red Dac - Analog/digital Converters

THD+N: 0.0005% (20kHz BW, 20-20kHz, @-10dBFS)

IMD: < 0.0015% SMPTE (1:1) 60Hz + 2k~20kHz typical

Crosstalk: < 100dB (@20kHz all gain settings)

Frequency Response: (@ 192kHz Sample Rate) +/-.5dBu 10Hz ~ 80kHz

Size: 10.25 x 8 x 1.75

Weight: 5lbs

Shipping Weight: 6.5lbs

Power Consumption: 14W

Recommended operating temperature: 0 ~ 40C

Storage Temperature: -25 ~ 50C

Output Impedance: < 10 Ohms

DNR: 125dB for the Red Sparrow, 128dB for the White Sparrow unweighted, 20-20kHz bandwidth.
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