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Agb Compressor - Compressors / Limiters

COMPRESSOR SECTION Input Trim: Fully clockwise = unity gain Threshold: -20dB to about +10dB Ratio: 1.5:1 to 6:1 Release: 100ms to 1.5 seconds Slow Attack: Standard setting is fastest and is designed to catch transient spikes. When pushed in, the attack response time slows down by a factor of about 10 to compensate for slower moving parts like vocals. Key In: When pushed in, it switches the detector�s sample signal from the standard input signal to the �key input� jack on the back of the unit. Compress In: Engages the compressor. LIMITER SECTION Threshold: +4 to +15dB: This is post makeup gain, so raising the makeup gain can raise the level of the output signal enough trigger the limiter. Release: 50ms to 600ms Fast Attack: Cuts the attack response time for the limiter in half. Limit In: Engages the limiter section. The limiter is triggered from the output, so the compressor section�s signal reduction will reduce the signal�s triggering of the limiter. The limiter can work without the compressor engaged, just as the compressor can still work without the limiter engaged. Stereo Link: Puts the unit into stereo mode. This runs both channels of compression and limiting from the detector in Channel 1. In link mode, Channel 1�s compressor and limiter settings control both channels. Input trim and makeup gain settings for each channel remain independent of each other. Makeup Gain: Compensates for the signal reduction from compression. Bypassing the compressor bypasses the makeup gain stage. Gain Reduction Meters: Monitors the amount of signal reduction by both the compression stage and the limiter stage. In stereo mode, both meters will track the same because both are triggering from Channel 1�s detector circuit.

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