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Tweaker - Compressors / Limiters

* 19" Rack Discrete-VCA Mono Compressor

*High torque 21-step fully detented pots

*Unique 'Sidechain Shaper' focuses compression on desired frequency bands

* Curve: simultaneous ratio and knee adjustment, from 2:1 soft-knee to 30:1 hard knee limiting

* Variable Attack: from 10 microseconds to 70 milliseconds.

* Simultaneous monitoring of Input, Output and Gain Reduction levels.

* Switchable Release: Fast Single Stage and Vintage Opto-style Dual Stage

* Single-Stage Release: 20ms-500ms

* Dual-Stage Release: 500ms-7500ms

* Linkable Stereo operation

* XLR & 1/4" TRS balanced i/o

* 240V & 120V compatible 

The Tweaker by Kush Audio from Gregory Scott on Vimeo.

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