DocDerr 500 Series from Empirical Labs



Docderr 500 Series - Pre Amps & Di's

•  Six digitally controlled sections of analog processing

•  Frequency response - 3 Hz to 180 kHz on eq section (-3dB points).

•  Dynamic range - 120 dB from maximum output (.5%THD soft   clipping) to minimum output.   Noise floor with Mix on 0 is typically   – 91dBu.

•  Distortion range - between .0006% and 10% at 1KHz, depending   on mode and settings.

•  Maximum Input before hard clipping - +22dBm,  “ Line In” mode.   Maximum Output (Mix at 0) - +28.5dBm

•  Compressor Dynamics Time Constants - Attack time is around 1mS.  Release .2 sec, fixed internally. Stereo Linkable for stereo tracks.  With the EL500 powered rack, the push of a button enables linking.

•  Input Impedance - 120k Ohm, Instrument In Mode, output impedance is less than 75 ohms.  20K input impedance in balanced Line in mode.

•  Guitar adaptor cable included


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