MP1a - Mic Pre-Amp Module from Tonelux



Mp1a - Mic Pre-amp Module - Pre Amps & Di's

The MP1a is a manual controlled MIC PRE with an output level control  Recent studio demos have yielded the following test results:

So far, all of the engineers that have used the MP1a have said that it has a very WARM low end similar to "my past" and the high end seems more open and has more "dimension".  The TILT control seems to be a hit.


Gain control gain range: 35dB without PAD, 55dB with the pad

Minimum gain thru mic pre: 17dB (includes the input transformer and output transformer)

Maximum Gain thru Mic Pre: 55 dB

Maximum input level: 11.5 dBu @ 800Hz

Typical Distortion: .2% @ 50Hz, .019% @ 800Hz, .016% @ 20KHz -10 dBu IN

Output Clip Level: +29dBu

Input Pad: -20 dB

Input Impedance: 1500 OHM Bridging, for a 150 OHM Mic Source

The MP1a has a unique feature with the gain control. Unlike most mic preamps, the MP1a can bring the amplifier down to UNITY gain instead of the minimum +6 db of gain with others. This is very useful with drums, giving you 6 more dB before having to switch in the PAD.

The available gain of the MP1a can be special ordered with up to 65 dB of gain.

 In all applications, including Snare, Kick, Toms, Overheads, Piano and Vocals, tilting the control about 1 dB (1:00) to the right "nails it".

See the graph below.  It shows the tilt control in action, swept at the full extreme of plus and minus 6 dB.

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