SR40-MP MATCHED PAIR from Earthworks


Sr40-mp Matched Pair - Microphones

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You’ll love what the Earthworks SR40 high-definition cardioid mic does for your recordings and live performances. Its 30Hz-40kHz frequency response means you’re capturing a far wider range than most mics can touch. The result? Better depth and a truer sound that includes more high-frequency overtone content. You’ll also appreciate how well the SR40’s true cardioid pickup pattern rejects outside sources, and how it gives you impressive gain before feedback. Extended frequency response to 40kHz Multi-purpose directional microphone More gain before feedback than other microphones Less leakage Textbook perfect cardioid polar pattern with natural on and off-axis performance Provides excellent results for both live performance and recording applications Extreme accuracy in the time domain for faithful reproduction and no smearing or distortion Transparent sound quality Shorter diaphragm settling time to prevent quieter attacks from being blurred by earlier louder attacks 30Hz – 40kHz frequency response, revealing subtleties in the sound that are non-existent from microphones with less high frequency range, and enabling musical performances to exhibit greater depth and realism The exceptional rear rejection performance enables the SR40 to easily isolate instruments in a recording or live performance setting, thus minimizing acoustic bleed

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