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B12a Mkii - 500 - 500 Series

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B12A MKII - 500 500 Series
B12A MKII - 500 500 Series

B12A MkII 500 Mic Pre The B12A MkII 500 packs the same punch as its 1⁄2 rack cousin, but in the convenient and flexible 500 series format. The API style design features a delicious CineMag input transformer, serves up huge portions of low-noise gain, and has the same classic American rock sound that the original API 312A is known for! Get ready to fill your lunchbox, ‘cause once you go Black Lion Audio, you never go back!   Product Description The B12A MkII 500 is a single-channel, 500 series microphone preamp in the style of an API 312A. It features a CineMag input transformer, an Edcor output transformer, a Hi-Z input, phantom power, pad, and phase. Its plentiful, low-noise gain makes it easy to use with a wide range of microphones in live, broadcast, and studio environments. Its ultra-punchy, detailed Hi-Z input is perfect for capturing keyboards, synthesizers, and drum machines. It’s the ideal companion to pillowy, fat sounds, and will liven up a mix with an undeniable energy! API Registered trademarks belong to Automated Processes, Inc.  

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