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Sparrow Mkii Red Adc - Analog/digital Converters

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Sparrow mkII RED ADC Analog/digital Converters
Sparrow mkII RED ADC Analog/digital Converters

The Sparrow mkII RED (red faceplate) is a two-channel ADC based on the circuitry used in our FM192 (used on major label recordings by Maroon 5, Lady GaGa, Alison Krauss, Beyonce, and others). It features a low-noise, low-ripple converter circuit design and the same FM clock thatís found in our FM192. A rich, euphonic frequency response, shimmering top end, and fat low-end extension are all elements of this uniquely musical converter. Once you track with it, youíll find that other converters sound hard, processed, or lifeless. Use it for mastering, recording, final mixes, or whatever application your studio needs.

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