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Agb Compressor - Compressors / Limiters

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AGB Compressor Compressors / Limiters
AGB Compressor Compressors / Limiters
AGB Compressor Compressors / Limiters

Like the original Neve 33609, the AGB uses input, interstage, and output transformers. When in bypass, these transformers can still be used to add coloration to your tracks. The key input allows you to trigger compression from a track other than the one being compressed, and the limiter can be used on anything from hard-hitting kick drums to smashing an entire 2-mix. The stereo link is another great feature for any material requiring equal treatment on both channels. So, where does our design differ from the original Neve 33609? For one, the signal path is a fully balanced, op-amp based circuit that allows for lower noise compression. We�re also using rotary potentiometers instead of stepped potentiometers, which gives you more control over things like input level and attack time.

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