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PhaseMistress Filters


Classic phase-shifting is a widely diverse sound. From the Bi-Phase,  Boss Super Phaser, Phase 90, to the Moogerfooger 12 stage, Small Stone,  Trine and many more. All of which were stacked in our test room, stock  room and lining the halls. We needed to be sure PhaseMistress nailed  that rich, warm, silky analog sound. We put in tons of styles to  emulate all the classics and do some things those old boxes couldn't  do, like MIDI sync, and a large preset library. We think you'll agree,  PhaseMistress has got it all.

Versatile and Creative

With LFO, Envelope follower, Random, ADSR and our unique Rhythm Mode  we're constantly amazed at all the places our users are putting  PhaseMistress to work. It's on guitar, bass, drums, vocals (Queen, ELO,  Pink Floyd anybody?), even whole mixes. We've heard crushed envelope  phased drums and gritty phased out radio guitar. Turns out it's more  powerful than even we thought. This is one phase you won't grow out of.

Friendly Controls

Even though PhaseMistress is deep, we wanted it to be easy to get your  sound fast. Presets are great (and we included a bunch), but sometimes  you just want to experiment, so we made the interface look and feel  like a friendly piece of hardware. Switch between mod modes fast.  Easily change styles and the whole sound of the phase. All the main  controls are right there to tweak, turn and automate. Go ahead, you  won't break it.

Extreme Phasing

MIDI locked 4 bar sweeps, custom rhythmic patterns, freaky talk box  random phase, wide stereo swirls, every phase you've ever heard all in  a straight-forward interface with automation. OK, we think we got it  all in there. But just in case, we threw in a Tweak Menu so you could  dig into the guts of Phasemistress and create your own sound or fine  tune one of ours.

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