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This product is available to hire PROFESSIONAL ADJUSTABLE SPEAKER STANDS Available in single and triple leg configurations for larger monitors and custom options too. Why the Monolith? We designed and built our own monitor stands because we felt that other current speaker stand brands just were not up to the job for professional applications. The principle behind a good stand is to provide a solid base for the speaker so that energy is not lost through unnecessary movement; so that the speakers energy is projected forward to the listener! Also if your control room has a resonant floor, The Monolith decouples the speaker from the floor, again reduced energy loss. How does a speaker stand improve the sound? By using our stands, bass response is dramatically improved with extended lower end performance in conjunction with tighter, better defined mid range. Construction Heavy gauge 5mm steel stock finished in a black powder coat. Top and bottom plates are 300mm x 300mm but custom sizes are available. Three vertical hollow legs allow to be sand filled to add additional mass. The height is adjustable as each leg is drilled with a number of equally spaced holes and locking pins fix the legs to the desired height. Both top and bottom plates are drilled and tapped with M8 threads to accept heavy duty M8 knurled spikes to mount the speaker to the stand and isolate the stand from the floor if required. Some Monolith users Miloco Studios Air Studios Dave Gilmore Stephen Lipson Mute Records Coldplay Realise your monitor's true potential! Treat your speakers and your ears to a pair of Unity Audio Monolith pro speaker stands "I'd been looking for some substantial adjustable monitor stands for a while, but nobody seemed to manufacture what I needed. I was on Unity's email list, and as soon as I saw the Monolith press release I could see they were exactly what I was looking for. We have a raised floor behind the desk area and so current fixed ones would always place the monitors too high. I'm also looking at installing a classic analogue console in the near future, and so being able to fine tune their height dictated that I couldn't justify getting some custom fixed height ones made up. The larger PMC IB1's we have are in a custom horizontal configuration. In the past we'd always had to use a pair of stands under each speaker to hold them up securely. The Monolith's are serious beasts though and handle this job effortlessly. A sturdier stand you could not get - I certainly can't imagine ever having to come back for any more!" - Jason Glover, Vinylizor PRICED IN PAIRS

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