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ELECTRA 500 Equalizers
ELECTRA 500 Equalizers

Kush Audio unveiled their new Electra, or Electrified Transient Equalizer, a multi-topology 500 series EQ that marks their first venture into lunchbox territory. The Electra is a 4-band, multi-topology EQ that was designed to precisely and musically reshape the overlapping transients and harmonics of a sound are emphasized, opening up completely new creative possibilities for how sounds interlock, move air, and impact the emotions.

The heart of the Electra is two fully sweepable, overlapping Proportional-Q bands whose bandwidth and gain have been tailored to allow for extreme pushes without sounding stressed or unnatural. Rounding out the bottom is a fixed low shelf which interacts with the continuously variable (25-400Hz) 12db/octave HPF to reshape, de-clutter, and tighten up even the most unruly low end. Topping it off is a sparkling, sweepable (3.4-20k) high shelf reminiscent of coveted vintage mastering equalizers. A switchable Fader Mode converts the low shelf knob into a fader so multiple Electras (Electrae?) can be used to create lunchbox-based mixers with fader and eq.

This is the dream EQ I've wanted for years, said Kush founder/head circuit tweaker Gregory Scott. I had these two amazing Proportional-Q bands on my bench, and I asked my friend and co-designer Brad McGowan for top and bottom shelves to wrap around them. His filters killed, and the resulting 4 bands + HPF can twist sounds farther than anything I've ever used, or delicately kiss the source with just a touch of analog fairy dust. The effect is, quite literally, electric.

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