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Dfk1 - Microphones

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DFK1 Microphones

The Drum FullKit System has 1 DP25/C snare microphone, 4 DP30/C tom microphones, 5 RM1 RimMounts, 9 LevelPads, windscreens to mike one snare, two mounted toms and two floor toms. It also includes 2 SR25s for overheads, 1 SR30 for hi-hat, 1 SR30 for kick drum and a KickPad. There are foam windscreens for each microphone and 2 SRW2 Stainless Steel vocal windscreens if on occasion you would like to use the 2 SR30s for vocal microphones. The Drum FullKit System comes housed in two attractive high-impact road cases.
As Randy Lane, FOH Engineer for American Idol and Dream Theater put it: "The first time I heard Earthworks High Definition Microphones on drums was a revelation. The details of the drum were startlingly apparent. The mics translated every detail of the sound of the stick hitting the cymbal and the varying timbres of the cymbal as it was struck in different areas. The Earthworks Drum Periscope mics on toms and snare were astounding. The full detail and decay of the drum was naturally reproduced. This opened up a whole new musical ensemble for the drummer as he could now deliver delicate details and subtle notes that were translated to the audience as well.".

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