FX2+ - Dual Mono Line Mixer Module with Aux Master from Tonelux


Fx2+ - Dual Mono Line Mixer Module With Aux Master - Mixing Systems

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FX2+ - Dual Mono Line Mixer Module with Aux Master Mixing Systems

The FX2+

The FX2+ Mixer is the same as the FX2 Module (a DUAL mono input line mixer with a simple pair of level controls and a pair of panners), but with an additional AUX MASTER. 

Please click here for further details of the FX2 module.

The FX2+ send master option uses the all discrete TX-260 output stage with the TX-280 transformer.

The FX2+ "AUX MSTR" is an OPTIONAL send master for the MX2 sends and the MX5.1 sends, and can be used in place of the SM1 or SM2 bus master when rack space is critical.  

Both the FX2 and FX2+ allows a V-Rack to be filled with a full set of 16 modules, giving you 32 channels, including the masters, ALL IN ONE 3U RACK.

The rear panel feature connector provides for an external fader for the send master option on the FX2+.

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