VU4 - VU Meter Module from Tonelux


Vu4 - Vu Meter Module - Mixing Systems

£504.00 exluding VAT

VU4 - VU Meter Module Mixing Systems

The VU4

The VU4 is a FOUR CHANNEL VU Meter panel that fits into four V-Rack slots.

The INPUT D-sub feeds the main input and the INSERT D-sub feeds the alternate input, selected by the front panel "IN" button. Additionally, the INPUT d-sub is internally MULTED to the OUTPUT D-sub, eliminating the need for Y cables and external mults.

The REF level is also selectable by the front panel "REF" switch.  It selects between the 2 sets of front panel VU calibration pots.

The VU meters are illuminated with white LEDS, eliminating the need for bulb replacement.

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