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Snapper 2 - Sound Design Tools

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Snapper 2 Sound Design Tools

What's Snapper ? When you select an audio file in the Mac Finder, Snapper immediately appears right beneath the current window, showing you the wave form. Play Hit the space bar or double-click in the wave form to play. Or use auto-play to start playing the moment you select the file. Vari-speed is available too. Drag, Drop and Convert In the Snapper wave form you can select a part of the sound file and:

Which formats can it handle? All of them. Snapper opens over 50 sound file formats. That includes compressed files, split stereo, 192 kHz, 5.1 surround files, red book audio, cds and movies containing audio. It shows loops, markers, timestamps, regions, BWF annotations, even album covers. You name it, Snapper can handle it. Finder & iTunes Snapper follows your Finder selection, snapping to the bottom of your Finder window, and it also shows up when you select a song in your iTunes library. Pro Tools You can spot (selections from) files directly to your Pro Tools cursor, or into the Pro Tools region bin. Copy Protection After purchase you receive a personal activation code to unlock the Snapper demo. What does the demo do ? Everything, for one hundred (100!) days. After that it simply stops working. VIDEOS

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