V8 Roadster - Portable Rack from Tonelux


V8 Roadster - Portable Rack - Mixing Systems

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V8 Roadster - Portable Rack Mixing Systems
THE NEW "V8" 8 Slot Portable Rack The new Tonelux V8 includes many features not found on any other rack system available today. The new rack can house up to 8 Mic Pres, Eqs and Compressors, in any combination. The rack can also house any of the MIXING modules, including the MX2, FX2, MX5.1, SM2, TR8, and the CR2 for monitoring. The system pictured above is an 4 channel mixer with 2 EQ4P EQs and 2 TXC Compressors. Having a Vrack back at the studio filled with MX2s and a CR2 module can link to the portable rack which allow both racks to become one large system!
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