CR2 - Control Room Module from Tonelux


Cr2 - Control Room Module - Mixing Systems

£767.15 exluding VAT

CR2 - Control Room Module Mixing Systems

The CR2

The CR2 is a FULL featured CONTROL ROOM MONITOR module that has three external stereo inputs and the internal stereo mix bus.  The CR2 uses an ALL DISCRETE signal path for superb sonic quality.

The features include AFL stereo level, which is switched on when ever a channel is soloed,  TWO control room speaker outputs, a MONO compatibility switch, left and right speaker CUT switches and a DIM control that dims the control room level 15dB.

The CONTROL ROOM LEVEL pot is a switched ELMA detented stereo control for perfect imaging.  Of course, it uses a HUGE Tonelux knob!

There is a TALKBACK feature that when pressed, sends an external mic signal into the send busses via the COM button.  This also automatically dims the control room level.

The two 8 seg VU meters follow the selection of the control room and are also accessible from the rear of the VRACK for an external set of VU meters.

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