SM2 - Stereo Summing Module from Tonelux


Sm2 - Stereo Summing Module - Mixing Systems

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SM2 - Stereo Summing Module Mixing Systems

The SM2

The SM2 is a STEREO DISCRETE Summing module, with selectable inputs (on the PC board with jumpers) so you can grab any pair of bus and use the SM2 as the summing master for the Stereo bus, Surround Bus or the Solo Bus, etc.

The two 8 seg LED VU meters follows the outputs of the both final stages.  The Summing inputs use the Tonelux DISCRETE op-amp for summing, then feeds the Tonelux DISCRETE output op-amp into a transformer for the summing (or ACA) outputs.  The return from the ACA out comes back into a DISCRETE booster amp, the master fader and transformer for the final output stages. 

This configuration allows you to insert a Stereo compressor after the summing amp and before the master fader (either the front panel pot or the external fader option), then returning it back into the fader and to the final Booster outputs.  This modules works the same way any typical professional recording console would work.

The INS (insert) button allows the engineer to compare or insert the device such as a compressor for IN/OUT comparison or when required for a special CUE point.  One switch controls both channels.

The rear panel connector allows the user to insert a Stereo fader, which will serve as the Master fader.

 Both the ACA outputs and the BOOSTER outputs are transformer coupled.

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