TR8 - Bus Assigning Module from Tonelux


Tr8 - Bus Assigning Module - Mixing Systems

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TR8 - Bus Assigning Module Mixing Systems

The TR8

The TR8 Bus Assign module is a mono input line level module with a simple level control and a panner.

The PAN control is a standard stereo pan circuit with a center detent.

The TR8 uses the proprietary all discrete TX-240 op-amp.

The TR8 can be used by itself as an inexpensive mono in, 8 out mixer for DAW or LIVE use when a flexable module is required with multiple outputs.  It can serve as a monitor matrix, additional sends or even a Mix Minus matric for live.  This module, when used as a simple external summing module, will bring the cost of a DAW external mixing system down considerably while allowing panning between any pair of busses, which could be assigned to the Stereo Bus and the Surround Busses.

The TR8 can also be used as an additional set of 8 sends, fed from the direct output of the MX2, as the outputs of any of the bus switches can be internally set to feed any of the 16 available busses in the VRACK, allowing up to EIGHT additional sends from each MX2.

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