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Fx2 - Dual Mono Line Mixer Module - Mixing Systems

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FX2 - Dual Mono Line Mixer Module Mixing Systems

The FX2

The FX2 Mixer is a DUAL mono input line mixer with a simple pair of level controls and a pair of panners.  The PAN control is a standard stereo pan circuit with a center detent.  The FX2 has a unique MUTE circuit that when pressed, the LED turns RED, but when the module is ON, the LED serves as a level presence indicator, illuminating green to show signal presence.  This is very useful in live recording when you need to know quickly if a channel has signal or which has the loudest signal on it.  It is also perfect for identifying which channel has the Kick and which has the Snare.

The FX2 uses the proprietary all discrete TX-240 op-amp.

The FX2 can be used by it self as a inexpensive dual stereo mixer for DAW or LIVE use when a simple stereo bus is all that is required.

When used with the MX2 series, the addition of FOUR FX2 modules will give you 8 returns and the masters for the FOUR sends on the MX2, saving you the space of having FOUR SM1 master modules.

The FX2 can also be used as an additional set of sends, fed from the direct output of the MX2, as the outputs of each panner can be internally set to feed any of the 16 available busses in the VRACK, allowing up to EIGHT sends from each MX2, including the onboard set of FOUR sends.

This module, when used as a simple external summing module, will bring the cost of a DAW external mixing system down considerably.

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