The Killers Put Earthworks To The Test! -

Friday, 7th August 2009

Ronnie Vannucci of ?The Killers? Puts Earthworks? High Definition Drum Microphones to the Test in Live Performance and in the Recording Studio

Ronnie Vannucci of The KillersMilford, NH, April 13, 2009? Earthworks, the High Definition Microphone? manufacturer, announced that since August of 2008, The Killers? drummer Ronnie Vannucci has been on the road testing Earthworks? recently introduced Drum PeriscopeTM series of High Definition MicrophonesTM. The Drum PeriscopeTM series consists of a DP25/C snare microphone and a DP30/C tom microphone. These microphones are attached to the drum rim (top or bottom) with the RM1 drum rim mount accessory. According to Vannucci, these new snare and tom microphones have been passing with flying colors: ?I wouldn?t trade the new Drum Periscope mics for anything. I have used the best of the best, and these mics are just unreal.?

Vannucci first became acquainted with Earthworks? High Definition Microphones? using the DK25/L (2 overheads and 1 kick drum mic)?in fact, he used these mics extensively on The Killers? last studio album, Day and Age. He also used an Earthworks SR30 HC on a chorus section he recorded in the back of a bus for ?Joy Ride,? a track off the same album. Since then, Vannucci has extended his use of Earthworks? mics into many other areas?both in live performance and the studio, never looking back.

?When I initially received microphones from Earthworks, my intention was to use them on stage, but I?ve been so pleased with their performance that I?ve been using them for recording applications more and more,? Vannucci says. Since The Killers have such a heavy tour schedule, they do a lot of recording while on tour. ?At every gig, we have a backstage room that is closed off which becomes our recording area,? he explains. ?Our set up for these rooms is comprised mostly of Earthworks mics; we find that they bring out the natural nuances of each room.?

Since putting Earthworks High Definition Microphones? to the test over a year ago, Vannucci says their performance has excelled in all areas: ?You don?t need to drive these mics a lot; they have a sensitivity all their own,? he observes. ?They are also very natural sounding?I like this because when I start mixing, I am starting with a natural sounding drum. What I hear in the studio is what I want to hear on playback. I have used the best of the best, and the Earthworks High Definition Microphones? are just unreal.?

Vannucci also states that the folks at Earthworks are nice to work with: ?It?s nice to work with people who are so down to earth and so interested in gathering feedback about their products.?

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