Paul Godfrey Of Morcheeba Installs Tonelux -

Wednesday, 15th July 2009

"I have worked on various consoles over the last 20 years, some high end large format and some low end desktop style. I have however, never enjoyed mixing in the box.

When I finally came around to the idea of going hybrid and hooking up my pro tools rig and analogue outboard through a high quality, small footprint summing mixer I had trouble figuring out a way to do it, I still needed some routing for parallel stuff and some aux sends for effects - which most summing mixers didn't have.

Through word of mouth I discovered Tonelux and realised that  I could configure a system that may well be ideal (Paul Wolff was extremely helpful here as I am not very technical and needed some valuable guidance).
I got to use a demo rig from Kevin at Unity Audio and I was gobsmacked. The sound of the Tonelux blew away everything else we have been demoing or using. It sounded fast, tight, huge and very punchy in the low end.
I immediately ordered a wonderfully compact system that integrates great and leaves plenty of exciting room for future expansion (Faders, Mic Pre's, EQ's, Compressors etc.).

It looks very cool too and although I am not particularly elitist I do feel like a lucky member of an exclusive club."
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