Peter Katis & The Fat Bustard -

Friday, 26th June 2009

?It is difficult to effectively describe the FAT BUSTARD without sounding a little over the top.  I am usually disappointed when comparing high end summing mixers because the differences are more subtle than you might expect.  But the FAT BUSTARD has a sound that truly stands out against all the rest.  It is HUGE sounding.    The high end seems to go higher, and the low end seems to go lower.  It is simultaneously colored and crystal clear.  It is oddly hi-fi and funky at the same time.  The "Attitude" control helps dirty things up while the top end remains sublimely open.  And the EQ...why put EQ on a mixer???  I guess because it sounds amazing!  I'm actually trying to convince Vic to make a stand-alone version.  So once again I'm gushing over a new product from Thermionic Culture, but the truth is I can't help myself.  The FAT BUSTARD sounds better to me than any mixer I have ever heard.?

Peter Katis (Producer/Engineer/Mixer: Interpol, The National, Frightened Rabbit, Mates Of State, Tokyo Police Club, Longwave, The Grates, The Philistines Jr.)

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