Ron Tom Installs Tonelux -

Thursday, 18th June 2009


Music business entrepreneur Ron Tom has recently installed a Chandler Limited TG series 16x2 summing mixer, and a Tonelux modular summing mixer, the system which is now referred to as ?the surf & turf? system into his personal home studio.

Ron Tom produced the first ?Sugar Babes? hit album and he?s still is involved in their management. The use of two mixers allows for a wider palette of sounds, the Chandler TG is renowned for it?s larger than life vintage sound due to the EMI line transformers that it uses. The Tonelux is a completely modular system designed by ex API owner Paul Wolff. Ron?s Tonelux rack is fitted with 4x MX2 mono line inputs which has 4 aux send, and two FX2+ stereo line inputs along with 2x EQ4P 4 band EQ?s and the SM2 master stereo bus and the CR2 control room monitor module. The Chandler TG mixer outputs can be summed into the Tonleux stereo bus via the AUX1 bus access module.

Ron has recently been using the new System to write and produce a new R&B album for his wife Sarvi, along with sessions with conductor Sir Paul Gladstyone Reid working on TV commercial soundtracks and producing the music for the recent World Economic Forum and Rhiannon from the TV show, ? Are You Smarter Than A Ten Year Old?.

?I?m blown away with the results of this system, it?s flexible, and I can get huge fat sounds and have depth and clarity too. Big sounds from a little box, I love my Tonelux & Chandler system?.  -  Ron Tom.

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