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Tuesday, 5th April 2005

 Antares Audio Technologies Releases the Antares Auto-Tune TDM
Production Suite

New Bundle Provides Substantial Savings on a Collection of Powerful
Plug-Ins for Pro Tools TDM OS X

? Antares Audio Technologies have announced the availability of the Antares Auto-Tune
TDM Production Suite, a collection of truly amazing audio tools for Pro
Tools OS X. Starting with the world-renowned Auto-Tune 4 Pitch
Correcting plug-in, Antares have added a selection of unique plug-ins
that give the ProTools TDM OS X user the power to create, process
and modify audio in ways calculated to enhance virtually any audio
production. All at a price that makes it dramatically more affordable
to add these tools to your Pro Tools processing arsenal.

The Antares Auto-Tune TDM Production Suite includes:

Auto-Tune 4 TDM: The Worldwide Standard In Professional Pitch Correction

Hailed by the music press as a ?holy grail of recording,? Auto-Tune 4
corrects intonation problems in vocals or solo instruments in real
time, without distortion or artifacts, while preserving all of the
expressive nuance of the original performance ? with audio quality so
pristine that the only difference between what goes in and what comes
out is the intonation. It is overwhelmingly the worldwide pitch
correction tool of choice.

Antares Microphone Modeler TDM:Precise Digital Microphone Models

Antares Microphone Modeler provides precise digital models of a wide
variety of microphones, from historical classics to modern exotics.
With Microphone Modeler, you can afford to record every track through a
model of the specific mic that will produce the ideal sound you?re
looking for. You can even use it during mixdown to effectively change
the mic on an already recorded track.

Antares Filter RTAS:Quad Rhythmic Multimode Filters

Featuring four great-sounding stereo multimode filters, a prodigious
complement of control sources, powerful modulation capabilities, and
features optimized for rhythmic loop-based applications, Filter is a
flexible, fun, easy-to-use power tool for creating tracks (or entire
mixes) that pulse with life and character.

kantos 1.0 RTAS: Audio Controlled Synthesizer

kantos 1.0 analyzes incoming audio and instantaneously extracts pitch,
dynamics, harmonic content and formant characteristics. This
information is then used to control the kantos 1.0 sound engine in ways
never before possible with a conventional MIDI synth. Whether you are
looking for an alternative to traditional controllers, or are looking
to produce electronic music with a level of sonic innovation and
dynamic expression that?s simply not otherwise possible, kantos
1.0 will, quite literally, change the way you make music.

Tube RTAS: Analog Tube Modeler

Whether you want to burnish your tracks to an angelic warmth or heat
things up with some rich, devilish distortion, Antares?s Tube plug-in
gives you the tools to create a wide range of modeled analog tube
effects. Tube is incredibly easy to use and so DSP efficient that even
a modest system will support dozens of tracks? worth.

The Antares Auto-Tune TDM Production Suite supports Macintosh OS X only.

System Requirements

Pro Tools 6.2 or later;
Mac OS 10.x or later as required by your version of Pro Tools.
Auto-Tune 4 TDM and Microphone Modeler TDM are Accel compatible.
Filter, kantos 1.0 and Tube are provided in RTAS versions only
The Auto-Tune TDM Production Suite supports authorization via iLok USB
smart key.

Antares Audio Technologies

Antares Audio Technologies is renowned as a developer of
innovative,DSP-based audio software and hardware, including the ATR-1a
Intonation Processor and AVP-1 Antares Vocal Producer as well as the
Auto-Tune 4 (Pitch Corrector), Antares Microphone Modeler, kantos 1.0
Audio Controlled Synthesizer and Tube Analog Tube Modeler, and Filter
Quad Rhythmic Multimode Filter DSP plug-ins.

The Antares Auto-Tune TDM Production Suite is available now at a U.K.
MSRP of ?599.99

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