New! Telefunken R-f-t M216 Matrix Microphone -

Wednesday, 28th January 2009

Telefunken | USA is pleased to announce the latest microphone design in the R-F-T Series, the M216 Matrix stereo tube microphone system. Designed jointly by Telefunken | USA & TAB-Funkenwerk, the M216 is the second stereo tube microphone to be introduced by the company.

The M216 Matrix features a matched pair of 1-inch dual sided capsules, a New Old Stock GE JAN 6072a tube, two custom wound BV314 output transformers (also found in the M16mkII tube mic), and a custom power supply with Stereo, Matrix, and Z40 decoding/encoding settings. The M216 Matrix is a revolutionary departure from traditional stereo microphone design, capable of numerous analog microphone techniques including XY, M/S, and Blumlein. Each channel is capable of nine different polar patterns, from Cardioid, to Omni, to Figure 8, and everything in between, resulting in an almost infinite number of stereo imaging possibilities.

The R-F-T M216 Matrix includes a custom Ela M 916 power supply. This unique device offers the standard Left and Right outputs, along with four channel quadraphonic outputs (Left and Right, Positive and Negative Phase), and the Z40 setting which enables traditional M/S encoding and decoding in a two channel format.

Each M216 microphone comes complete with a 10-meter Gotham Audio Cable, wooden mic box, power supply with Matrix and Z40 encoder/decoder, and a 5-Year Limited Warranty. A matching flight case is also available at an additional charge.

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