Eddie Kramer & Ryan Hewitt Weigh In With The New Burl Audio B1 500 Series Mic Pre And B2 Bomber A/d Converter. -

Monday, 26th January 2009

"I used the B-1s on practically every guitar track on the record. they  rule!  Didn't have to add any midrange or anything when I used them  with royer 122s. Put a BURL Audio B1 mic pre, a B2 Bomber A/D converter and a ribbon mic in front of a guitar amp, and the mid range is so good it'll make you cry!".
Ryan Hewitt -Red Hot Chili Peppers engineer.
Legendary  engineer and producer Eddie Kramer whose credits include Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin has recently used 4x BURL Audio B2 Bomber A/D convertors to transfer the original Woodstock 1" 8 tracks tapes for re-release.

"The world needs BURL Audio!" Eddie Kramer.
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