Km-69 Mic Premiered At Aes -

Tuesday, 10th June 2008

Unity Audio LTD. premiered Mercenary's new "KM-69" microphone at the 124th AES Convention in Amsterdam.  This is the first EU showing of the KM-69, which was released in February, 2008.  The microphone had been a two-year "labour of love" for the Mercenary staff.  

The saga began when Mercenary's "Fletcher" wanted a vintage Neumann KM-84 but couldn't find a good condition unit on the used market.  Through Mercenary's association with many of the world's most brilliant designers through the "Mercenary Edition" program the decision to build a mic to suit their needs was not something uncommon for the Mercenary crew.

"The magic of the microphone is in the amplifier" according to Fletcher.  "We worked through a multitude of prototypes until we found the output transformer with the exact character we felt necessary for a microphone to carry the Mercenary name".  While the microphone's body and wooden box are made in China, the important bits are all manufactured to very exacting standards in the United States.  Every mic is fully tested at the Mercenary Audio shop to insure a higher standard of quality control.

Unity Audio Ltd. had been appointed the first EU distributor upon the mic's release.  "When Fletcher came to London with the microphone, and we showed it to a number of studios from Olympic Studios to small private studios and the reaction was the same".  

"A lot of people who loved the vintage KM-84 felt this microphone hit the nail on the head" said Unity Audio's Kevin Walker.  "We have sold a surprising number of microphones for a brand new product line.  Users include producer Stephen Fitzmaurice who recently used them at RAK studios (London) on acoustic guitar, harmonium and piano for Brett Anderson's (Suede) new solo album"

Damon Albarn's (Blur, Gorillaz ) engineer Jason Cox (Blue, has been using the KM-69 for snare and H/H with great success.  The microphone is proving to be an instant classic and has been selling in numbers far greater than anyone's expectation" according to Mr. Walker.

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