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Monday, 14th January 2008

Telefunken | USA? develops new VF14K valve for U47

In Berlin, Germany 53 years ago, production of the rare VF14 tube that was used in original Neumann U47's was discontinued. After several years of research, design and prototype development, Telefunken USA is proud to announce that they have completed the first 100 test tubes of the new VF14K. Each tube has exceeded the 10000 hour long test time.

?We knew that without suitable microphone grade tubes, our effort to build the best microphones in the world would come to an end after our small inventory of NOS tubes would be gone, putting our historical replica of the U47 at risk of being discontinued. With that in mind, we began our tube development in late 2003, and after a very difficult start, we produced our first prototype tubes in late 2005. Currently, the VF14K tubes are hand-built in our laboratory, and are exclusively for our new U47AE microphone".
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