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Wednesday, 20th June 2007

Unity Audio is proud to announce the recent appointment to distribute one of the greatest microphone manufactures of all time, Telefunken. The company is now officially called Telefunken USA and based in America but the same professional approach and dedication to produce the finest microphones available still persists. The legendary Ela M250, Ela M251, U47 and C12?s are back and sounding just as good as they did the first time round!!

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Company History

Telefunken USA, LLC was officially incorporated in early 2001. The company actually started almost two years prior. Toni Fishman, founder and CEO of the new company, had an idea one day while working in the studio. After working with numerous vintage microphones and networking with industry specialists, he discovered that the Telefunken Ela M 250 and 251s, the famous condenser microphones from Austria, were having problems with functionality. There are only a handful of the original Ela M microphones left. They are highly sought after for studio recording, and the ones still out there should be working and usable.

The biggest problem with the microphone is the pattern selector switch. It breaks and makes the unit unusable. Toni decided to look into getting new switches made. After numerous meetings and extensive research into the entire microphone it became apparent that he wasn't going to build just the switch. He decided to go ahead and build the whole microphone again.

For about a year research and development was priority. All of the team's time and resources were devoted to rediscovering the Ela M 251 in all of its glory. This involved lengthy reverse engineering, networking with the people who use them and the people who repair them, and meticulously documenting each and every part down to the last screw. The team discovered that there was no definitive blueprint floating around that could help in the process, so they created engineered drawings of each part without changing a thing. Every measurement is still in metric and each part retains its original spec.

Once every part had been documented and cataloged for the engineering staff it was time to begin production. The biggest challenge in the entire process was the dual-diaphragm capsule. It is considered the most complex capsule among condenser microphones and it took all the effort of every team member and advisor to build the famous capsule again. Every process used to build these microphones 40+ years ago was researched, documented and confirmed and now represents the process by which they are made today.

Through a strong commitment to historical specifications and a passion for building the best microphones in the world, Telefunken USA brings you the Telefunken Ela M 251, a tribute to the classic microphone. Other designs are in development and will be available soon.

The company is located is South Windsor, Connecticut and currently occupies 5,000 square feet of space with plans to expand into an additional 10,000 square feet designated for corporate offices and manufacturing/assembly. The original space will continue to house our sales and research and development offices.
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