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Thursday, 24th May 2007

ADAM Professional Audio
Near- and Midfield Monitors P-Series (P11A, P22A, P33A)

Press Release

ADAM P-Series with new PWM amplifiers!

ADAM ? in the world of Professional Audio this name needs no explanation anymore. In a few years only, the products of the Berlin (Germany) based company have proved to be amongst the best tools available in professional monitoring. Due to several technical inventions at the heart of the matter ? the Accelerated Ribbon Technology (ART) being the most famous one ?, the pristine sound quality of the Advanced Dynamic Audio Monitors can be heard in a growing number of the most famous and prestigious studios around the world. So, one always pricks one?s ears when ADAM announces new or improved products or even more technical inventions.

Amongst other new products, ADAM will be showcasing the much-acclaimed P-Series that consists of three models, the P11A, the P22A, and the P33A. They combine the famous ART transducer technology with compact enclosures and attractive pricing. Impressive test results show their outstanding quality: The P11A, for instance, was awarded First Place in a comparative test of 25 contestants up to $2,600 (Keyboard, Germany, 10/2001).

Now, ADAM has equipped all three models with new PWM- (Pulse Width Modulation) amplifiers, meaning a switched power supply instead of a transformer. This proprietary innovation has been proving itself in the S-Series (ADAM?s high-end line) and results in more power and a more stable supply voltage. An improved protective circuit protects the drivers of overload and too high impulses and the also improved circuit arrangement causes an even higher signal-to-noise ratio. Last but not least, the heat development has been even more reduced.

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