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Thursday, 24th May 2007

ADAM conquers large studios

Within a few years only, ADAM Professional Audio has managed to firmly establish themselves as a specialist manufacturer of state-of-the-art, no compromise studio monitors. Being a rather young company in a highly competitive field, ADAM?s instantaneous success may seem surprising. But the reason for this success can easily be identified: several technical inventions, which are no interesting gimmicks but quantum leaps at the heart of the matter.

The Berlin (Germany) based company proudly presents the S7A Mk2, a unique combination of ADAM?s proprietary transducer technology, modern PWM amplifier design, a sophisticated control panel and a d?Appolito speaker alignment that result in a main monitor meant to analyse the details of every kind of music to a degree not known so far. It features a whopping 1500 W of onboard power (rms), reaching peaks of about 128 dB (1 m), two 15? subwoofers, two 9? HexaCone?-midwoofers, two ART midrange units and one ART tweeter.

?The main problem with monitors of this size usually is that they emphasize the quantity at the cost of the quality: astonishing SPL?s that neglects the precision, especially concerning the midrange. The S7A Mk2, however, combines the pristine ADAM Monitor sound quality with PA-like SPL values. By applying larger diaphragm areas in the midrange than found elsewhere this monitor joins the power of a main speaker with the precision of a midfield monitor. The bass is powerful but does not spoil the overall sound spectrum and image.?, says Klaus Heinz, ADAM?s co-founder and chief designer. And he stresses: ?I am more than confident that the S7A Mk2 will prove to be the superior tool in professional monitoring. The proof is in the listening.?


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