Kush Audio Ships Clariphonic 500 -

Monday, 15th September 2014

Los Angeles, CA - September 15th 2014: Kush Audio is now shipping their new Clariphonic 500, a single channel 500 series version of the extremely popular Clariphonic Parallel EQ. Like its dual channel big brother, the Clariphonic 500 adds pristine analogue focus, detail, clarity and air to any sound, delivering a form of equalisation that is nearly holographic in effect and impossible to get wrong.

The Clariphonic EQ lifts the midrange out of the mud and into the extreme focus, while also effortlessly opening up the kind of top end air and shimmer that most engineers dream about. the front panel's unconventionally named array of 6 switches and 2 knobs invites the operator to explore all sorts of possible combinations in a creative right-brain aesthetic. Inside, a mastering grade signal path with meticulously chosen components yields a sound that is extremely tight and clear.

"We've been fielding requests for this ever since the original Clariphonic was released", says Chief Kusholator Gregory Scott. "It's a pleasure to finally bring this bad boy to the market".

Pricing and availability from Unity Audio Ltd TBC

Available from Unity Audio Ltd
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