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Friday, 10th November 2006


TFPRO has appointed Unity Audio Ltd as the exclusive international distributor for their range of professional audio products. Ted Fletcher, the founder and designer of all TF PRO products, has almost 50 years of audio design experience and was the man responsible for establishing Alice Mixers back in 1969 as an international broadcast standard as well as going on to further success with the brand Joe Meek said? " While it's very nice visiting and talking to engineers and producers all over the world, sales and marketing take me away from the nuts and bolts of audio engineering. Kevin Walker is a specialist, and has made Unity Audio a real force in the professional audio world and I'm delighted that he is now looking after TFPRO."

The TFPRO range currently consists of four products, The P38 VCA. /Optical Stereo Mastering Compressor, a favourite of Ryan Hewitt?s, the engineer behind the latest Red Hot Chilli Peppers double album. The P9 Stereo Switched 4 Band Mastering EQ, the M16 16 channel transformer based mic/line pre amp which can also be used as a 16x2 summing mixer, and the P10?Mighy Twin? dual mono channel path mic/line/DI input stages with VCA/Optical compressor and 4 Band EQ.

Kevin Walker, MD of Unity Audio said ? I?m delighted to take on the marketing and sales for TFPRO, and to be working closely with Ted in the future. We?ve been very successful with the international distribution for Vic Keary?s Thermionic Culture products, and I?m proud to be representing another truly great British innovative designer?.

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