Music Metro South Korea Appointed Unity Audio Distributors -

Thursday, 24th October 2013

Unity Audio Ltd have appointed Music Metro in South Korea to distribute the Unity Audio monitor brand which includes the active 2 way Rocks, 3 way Boulder and new 12 Avalanche sub-woofer.

"Comprised of musicians and engineers with a mission to be the best-in-class provider of services for professionals, Music Metro has been dedicated to become the best in the digital audio workstation since its beginning in 2005, and with confidence, passion, and efforts, we have earned an outstanding reputation built over the highest standards and technical expertise. We believe that the performance of monitor speakers is critical in precise sound reproduction, which is an integral part of sound recording. Unity Audio is the answer to our quest for the most ideal monitor speaker. As a distributor of Unity Audio, Music Metro will continue to serve Korean musicians by facilitating easy access to the product and superb technical support."

Kate Lee Manager

Unity Audio Ltd

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