Rim Shot Studios In Kent Install Burl B80 Mothership Modular Multi Channel Digital Convertor. -

Friday, 1st June 2012

Owner of newly completed Rim Shot Studios has opened for business.

This fabulous studio with a mixture of classic vintage and modern digital chose the modular Burl as the digital interface for hid Pro Tools rig. A fully loaded rack of 24 inputs and 32 outputs, but the ten way chassis can be partially filled with a mixture of the 4 channel A/D or 8 channel D/A modules.

"As a producer and engineer that still likes to work predominately on 2" tape, with an aversion to mixing "in the box", I knew the choice of convertors for Rimshot Studio's Pro Tools system was really important.

I was an early user of the stereo Burl B2 Bomber ADC and loved the fact that although it sounded different from tape (how could it not!), the Burl still made me feel like I was listening to music, rather than a digital representation of music. It just felt easier to listen to than any of the other convertors I compared it with.

Multiply that across a whole multitrack and the cumulative difference is huge and, for me, has a big impact on the way I work and how I feel when working.

With the Burl B80, I can continue using many of the methods I use when working on tape, hitting the Burl's transformers at different levels, depending on what I'm going forů

The D/A side also sounds really good, whether for mixing or mastering."

WWW.RIMSHOTSTUDIOS.COM Tel: +44 (0) 1795 830059

Click on the following images to be taken to view a video of the studio!

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