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Tuesday, 15th May 2012

After more than one and a half year of development, Elysia are proud to finally announce our next hardware release!

The nvelope 500 is a discrete class-A stereo impulse shaper - an exciting dynamics tool for the 500 series format.

What does it do?

The nvelope 500 is a dynamics tool, but not a compressor or a limiter. It allows the user to make subtle or drastic changes to a sound by providing control over its attack and sustain characteristics – independently from the specific level of a signal.

What can I use it for?

Reshaping all sorts of individual tones! But it can be an indispensable resource in mixing situations as well, as it effortlessly helps you to bring a sound to the front with more attack and less sustain… or blends it gently into the background by reducing its attack and increasing its sustain.

Which kind of signal works best?

The ultimate domains of the nvelope 500 are drums, percussion and beats. Other useful applications would be on picked or slapped bass, edgy guitar or any kind of piano recording. The nvelope 500 works optimally on all audio signals with a significant/percussive attack structure.

How does it sound?

The discrete class-A audio path of the nvelope 500 aims at a transparent, wide and open basic sound with a lot of punch, and it does not degrade signals sent through it at all. The sound shaping options are vast, making the module very flexible to use.

Any special selling points?

1. Three different modes (full range & dual band impulse shaping plus additional 2band shelf EQ)
2. Dual mono or stereo linked operation for all three modes
3. Envelope shaping can finally be done on complex material like busses and complete mixes

Value for money!

This is actually point 4... The nvelope 500 has two complete channels, so it's basically two processors at the price of one. It uses more than 600 components, 2 four-layer gold plated boards, a 4mm aluminum front panel, solid aluminum knobs, and it's made in Germany.

Anything else?

The nvelope 500 has been designed as a 500 series module. It does not function stand-alone and needs a 500 series compliant rack to function. The current draw is 200mA (100mA per slot), which complies with the VPR specs easily. VPR approval from API should follow soon.

The bottom line

There is nothing like it. No other dynamics processor in the world can do what the nvelope 500 does, and it still remains very easy to use.

Elysia Nvelope 500

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