Earthwork Is 15 Years Old! -

Thursday, 18th November 2010

Earthworks, Inc., the leading manufacturer of High Definition Microphones™ for recording, live sound, and test/measurement applications, is pleased to announce that November 2010 marks the company’s 15th year. Founded by audio pioneer David Blackmer, Earthworks has introduced numerous microphones that have captured the hearts and creative imagination of leading musical artists, engineers, and producers the world over. David Blackmer, the brilliant inventor and founder of dbx™ who invented new technologies in VCAs and true RMS detectors for companders and compressors, continued his ground-breaking methodologies at Earthworks. A recipient of an Audio Engineering Society Fellowship at the 64th Convention in 1976, Blackmer was dedicated to understanding the way humans hear and perceive sound. Ultimately, he translated that knowledge into numerous advanced, patented technologies that enabled Earthworks to re-define the high-end microphone landscape for countless music and audio

Over the years, Earthworks has introduced numerous microphones that have had a profound impact
on the professional audio community. Blackmer’s research into why live music sounded different from
recorded music led to the development of Earthworks’ first High Definition microphone—the OM1. To
this day, Blackmer’s focus on capturing the energy and presence of live performance serves as the
foundation for ensuring optimum performance for all Earthworks microphones.

Equally notable offerings from the company include the M30 omnidirectional measurement
microphone, which is the industry’s standard instrument for audio test and measurement. The
Earthworks QTC40—from the company’s Quiet Time Coherent Series—continues to be a favorite for
recording quieter sources such as vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, strings, and distant miked orchestras
and choirs. Earthworks’ FlexWand™ microphones, such as the FW730, are the preferred microphones for miking choirs, while the PM40 PianoMic™ system has revolutionized the process of capturing the
complex sounds of the acoustic piano.

Today, Earthworks continues its pioneering work in developing transducer technology for microphones.
All products are designed and manufactured at the company’s Milford, NH headquarters. “It’s all about
capturing the sound as true to the source as the laws of physics permit,” states Bill Norton, Earthworks’
COO. “David’s innovative approach to understanding the way we listen to sound laid the groundwork
and set the tone for all that we do here. The company’s culture is all about developing the ‘right tool for
the job’ and doing our part to foster the best possible sound quality.”

“As we look forward,” Norton continued, “we have the inspiration, the technology, and the commitment
of the entire Earthworks team to develop cutting-edge products that enable musicians and audio
professionals to bring the highest level of sound quality to their projects. We have several unique, new
product offerings in the pipeline and I’m absolutely confident these products will not only find a home
with many of our existing customers, but open the door to many new customers as well. We’re
extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished during these fifteen years, but in all honesty, we all feel as
though we’re just getting started. What we’re really looking forward to is the next fifteen!”

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