Andy Gray Purchases The Rock! -

Friday, 9th July 2010

Andy Gray has recently purchased a pair of Unity Audio's Rock studio monitor for his private studio.  Andy is a writer/producer and remixer and his varied credits include working with Tori Amos, Liz Fraser, Gary Numan, Korn, U2, Enter Shikari, and he's currently working on the new Hard Fi album where he evaluated The Rocks during the final mixing. Andy also scores for movies including Swordfish, TimeCopII and wrote the 'BigBrother' Theme for the UK's Channel 4. Andy was looking for a super accurate nearfield to compliment his existing main monitor/sub set-up and to replace his current nearfields.

"The Rocks are amazing, they sound a lot bigger than the are and have incredible low end detail and punch even at very low levels. I was almost speechless when I A/B'd them with my main monitors, all the detail and size was right there! The Rocks actually have better detail at any sound level than all of my other monitors, and are very open and wide and they have a nice wide sweet spot. They're also very un-taxing to listen to all day and I'm able to mix very quickly and accurately".

The Rock is Unity Audio's first professional studio monitor. Designed and manufactured in the UK, The Rock features a Baltic Birch plywood cabinet, a unique Corian front baffle for maximum strength and stiffness with low resonant frequency. The drive units are sourced from a long established European company who is one of the first company's to manufacturer folded ribbon tweeters which The Rock boasts a 50kHz response folded ribbon in conjunction with a 7" woofer from the same company. The amplifier has been specifically designed for Unity Audio and The Rock by one of the worlds leading amplifier designers, Tim de Paravicini's company, Esoteric Audio Research. The amplifier design is a true discrete Class A/B with a total 100 watts RMS.
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