Antelope Audio Clocks Metropolis -

Thursday, 8th July 2010

Pictured above: Crispin Murray and Miles Showell

Unity Audio Ltd has recently supplied Metropolis Studios with five Antelope Audio Isochrone Trinity Master Clocks to complement their existing Trinity and 10M Automatic Atomic Clock. All six Trinity units are specifically for their six mastering rooms all of which are being feed from the 10M Rubidium Atomic Clock.

Crispin Murray, the studios technology development manager specified the units for their flexibility, ease of use and improvements to the sound quality. ?We needed clocks that could quickly and easily cope with all our different format demands, and not just for audio either as we also deal with numerous picture formats too. The Trinity clocks provide three independent and simultaneous audio generators of up to 384kHz, three independent & simultaneous HD generators, covering 16 formats, and three independent and simultaneous SD generators, simultaneously offering PAL & NTSC. The 10M Atomic Clock will be centrally located and will feed all six Trinity units that will reside in each of the six mastering rooms. The improvements to the sound quality are also beneficial, to the point that I?ve never heard vocal reproduction that good before?.

For those refusing to accept compromises with the audio quality there is the Isochrone 10M - a Rubidium Atomic Reference Generator based on real atomic technology. The 10M are designed specifically to appeal to the most discerning audiophiles and audio professionals. If your goal is to set up your studio for maximum performance, you will certainly appreciate a clocking reference that is a staggering 100,000 times more accurate than the quartz oscillators used in most equipment.

The new Trinity is the best sounding and most versatile Master Clock available anywhere. There are unique features that are only available on the Trinity - such as Audio up to 384kHz, Varispeed, Nine completely independent generators, and a Triple display! Of course, all of this comes in an intuitive menu-free user interface.

Metropolis offers a complete spectrum of creative services for the entertainment industry from conception through to exploitation, all under one roof in an old Power House in Chiswick, West London.

The four recording studios including two large tracking rooms make Metropolis Studios Europe's largest independent music recording complex. With 11 world-renowned mastering engineers and six mastering suites, Metropolis is the largest independent mastering house in Europe.
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