Speakerphone 2 Update -

Tuesday, 13th April 2010

Audioease have just released Speakerphone 2.0.3 (for Mac and PC). This is an important update for Speakerphone.

Registered Speakerphone 2 users can download this update for free from:

Why update?


Speakerphone can be heard on a majority of motion picture these days, so Protools track automation response is of great importance.
Sometimes, with Speakerphone, unexpected automation artifacts could occur, mainly because of a clash of concepts of parameter automation and 'automation presets'. We believe we fixed all issues with this release.

Please understand that when the samples in Speakerphone's sample-bay play a role in the sound that you have set up, you should store an 'automation preset' (one of the ten numbered slots at the top) , and recall that  'automation preset'  via automation for total-recall. That is because the samples, which ones play, how loud and where they are panned, cannot be made automatable parameters. They are triggered correctly by an 'automation preset'  recall though, so as long as the proper 'automation preset'  recall is on the track's automation you're fine.

When no samples are playing, this latest speakerphone release has been made so that it does what you expect, also when all parameters are automation enabled.

-Write to all enabled works.
-When an 'automation preset' is clicked the control surface displays the proper settings for the parameters.
-After a manual 'automation preset' recall, the parameter's track automation curves reflect the actual parameter's setting.
-No parameter switches into write mode when a 'automation preset' recall has been triggered by automation playback.
-When all parameters are enabled for automation (default in most Post-Pro Protools templates) there is no longer any conflict between 'automation preset' recalls and parameter automation happening simultaneously.
- when you go in and change an automation preset's content later in a reel, the sound of that 'automation preset' will not change earlier in the reel. So you don't have to worry about changing what was already OK. This works when all parameters are automation enabled.
- if you do want to change history though, just go back and click the snapshot again while you are storing automation (overwrite the spot with a new snapshot recall)

We think this release makes Speakerphone reliable in your Protools automation set up, But do remember, if the sound you are storing is playing back samples, please push it into a 'automation preset' first, and then write the 'automation preset' recall to the automation track.
And as a rule make sure all parameters are automation enabled.


This release has been made compatible with AVID Media Composer, to give film editors a taste of Speakerphone's capabilities. We hope they don't become all smart with you now.


Apart form these two, this release has the following improvements:

- When "Mute on Stop" is on, the telecom module also mutes
- Bypass is not saved anymore in Automation Presets
- AU Midi works now
- AU in Logic: Plugin windows sticks to its frame now
- Live: Presets window floats on top of the plugin window
- VST offline processing window can access presets window
- Cubase 5, sample bay works again
- Protools Compare works again
- Protools: adjustments of automation data is correct now
- Audiosuite: no remaining of previous preview in rendered audio
- PC Installer does not remove user presets anymore
- PC audiosuite works now.

So go get this update at:
no need to de-install, just download and run this installer and it will take care of updating your Speakerphone install to the latest 2.0.3 version.

If you haven't upgraded to Speakerphone 2 yet, please check this movie to find out what you're missing:
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