The Limehouse Chooses Earthworks -

Friday, 9th October 2009

New 'Affordable Audiophile' Studio Chooses Earthworks

Ex-Turnkey Managing Director Rupert Pfaff has just opened a new canalside recording studio in East London; The Limehouse, which is billed as providing audiophile recording at affordable prices, and from the looks of what's on offer it certainly seems to deliver.
"We spent a considerable amount of time auditioning microphones and were determined to go with what our ears told us, and not the name on the badge!  We're aiming to set ourselves apart by offering extremely accurate acoustic recordings, and we found that Earthworks' products deliver exactly that.  In the end we chose two matched pairs of SR25s, which are great for XY, ORTF and drums (especially with the aid of the KickPad), and a matched pair and single QTC30 which we've made some lovely Decca tree recordings with on location, as well as beautifully detailed piano."
Rupert Pfaff - Studio Manager, The Limehouse

The studio has already seen action for the 25th Anniversary Remix of Simply Red's 'Money's Too Tight', as well as new projects from top producers Gareth Jones and Elliot Mazer, and tracking work for Yusuf (Cat Stevens). 

For more details or bookings, contact The Limehouse on 0800 678 5878 or visit their website at
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