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Saturday, 7th May 2005

Unity Audio appointed exclusive UK distributor for Tonelux

"One of the most exciting products I've even been involved with, it's a dream product for me. This modular approach covers all the necessary building blocks to create a simple rack of mic pre-amps or EQ's, up to a fully fledged mixing console with all the trimmings. With the brilliant ex-API designer Paul Wolff at the helm and numerous third party manufactuers like Chandler Limited, Daking,  Empirical Labs and SPL building modules too,  it's the perfect analog solution for many DAW users who are turned off by the current soulless options. Read on and check out this amazing new company called Tonelux. " Kevin Walker - MD Unity Audio

Modular EQ's, Mic Pres, Mixers, Compressors and Custom Designs
 Paul Wolff ex API, begins a new venture in Professional Audio with a new company called TONELUX.  Promising a new direction in professional audio, TONELUX will introduce a new line of DISCRETE rack mountable audio products, including a Fully Parametric 4 band Equalizer, Remote Controlled Discrete Mic Preamp with a Direct Input and a special 1 knob EQ for the DI input, Stereo Mixer modules for DAW mixdowns, Surround Mixer modules for DAW mixdowns and the support modules to tie it all together.

The New Modular Format will all fit into the same 3U rack, which will hold 16 modules in 19" of space.  Any module can be placed into any position and you can mix EQs, Mic Pre's and Mixer modules in the same rack.  The racks are linkable and will offer master control modules as well as many other modules to accent the line.

The design of the Tonelux product line was geared towards the "new studio model", where so much more of the production work is being done in the Work Station, and the requirement for a large frame console is not as necessary as it has been in the past. It is a proven fact that the digital mixing busses in most DAWs do a great job, but when compared to any number of the available external summing systems, the difference is noticeable. This leaves a studio owner with many options for doing the mixing outside the "box".

Tonelux provides a system that can do tracking, mixing, overdubs and most other production work with the broad line of modular products it manufactures. We have taken many of the oversimplified external systems and included many of the large format console features into a very high quality, affordable system of modules that can be combined or used individually. We have used both discrete and IC based amplifiers in the positions that they each work the best in. With two new discrete opamps, the Tonelux line will sound as sweet as possible.

The starting point is the flexible Tonelux multi-function powered rack. With one single rack model, you can intermix any of the modules in any quantity because the configuration of the rack is universal for all modules. Briefly, the mic pre has access to data lines for remote control and has an XLR on the front as well as the rear, with a guitar direct that automatically switches when plugged into. With the requirement of a great sounding FAT equalizer, we have taken the elements that everyone loves and combined them into a very unique Parametric EQ. Either of the Mixer modules can mix to stereo, with the addition of the only outboard surround mixer in a modular format looking forward to the future of surround mixing. Since most facilities have existing mixers or side cars of some brand, the AUX1 balanced bus access module allows these external mixers to access the mix and send busses, taking advantage of the Tonelux all discrete summing system.

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