Monitored: Joerg Mayer - November 2013

Tuesday, 5th November 2013

Joerg Mayr is a mixing, recording and mastering engineer from Munich, Germany. He has recently sent us updates on some more projects that he's working on with Unity Audio Rocks:

He will be producing, recording and mixing the new album by composer/singer/guitarist and bandleader Monika Roscher, who has created a bizarre mixture of big band and indie/prog rock songs in a "large scale epic" format! Her first album "Failure in Wonderland" got a lot of attention and great reviews from Downbeat to Le Monde:

He will also be co-producing, recording and mixing the new album by "Balloon Pilot", another fabulous German band - located more in the special singer/songwriter segment like Elliot Smith, or Eels:

For more direct updates from Joerg, visit his website:

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