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JRS-34-P Microphones

Combining the best attributes of vintage and modern technologies to create a line of high-quality, handcrafted ribbon microphones ideally suited for music and vocalists, the new Cloud JRS-34 ribbon microphones will debut at this year's Musikmesse in active and passive configurations offering RoHS compliance as well as a choice of finishes. The passive JRS-34-P sports a powdercoat grey finish, nickel screens and a silver logo. Designed in collaboration with Stephen Sank, these new Cloud ribbon mics were given the model number prefix JRS in homage to the late Jon R. Sank, Stephen Sank's father (1934-1998). Known for his work with RCA that produced legendary microphones such as the BK-11 and BK-10A, the senior Sank succeeded RCA's Harry Olson as the guiding force behind the company's continuing development of ribbon microphones, taking the technology even further along an evolutionary path responsible for the introduction of products still highly prized and sought after today. � Having studied alongside his father since the age of 10, Stephen Sank's efforts in conjunction with Cloud build upon this same legacy. Each JRS-34 ribbon is cut, corrugated, and installed by hand in precisely the same fashion as prescribed by Olson. New ideas expand the performance capabilities of the blueprint as well, bringing the design into the 21st century with the addition of audio transformers by CineMag Inc., neodymium magnets, active JFET circuitry, and more. Recording Magazine, June 2010 by Scott Dorsey: "This mic does sound like an early RCA ribbon mic." "Close-miked on a single violin it was excellent." "It also made for a great mic on trumpet and saxophone." "On vocals it did quite well, like a brighter version of the 77DX but just as mellow." "The world needs more of this kind of vision." "[The JRS-34] was its own thing, and it was a good thing." READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE

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